Monday, November 14, 2011

A trip to the Dentist

A week ago, I thought I broke a tooth, so I called the next morning to make an appointment with my dentist. This morning was that appointment. Surprise! The dentist agreed with me. I am now sporting what they refer to as an onlay, similar to a crown, but not over the full tooth. Actually, more precisely, I have on the temporary one and get the permanent one in 2 weeks.

I just wish I had been wrong!  That's an expense that I could definitely do without. But at least I get to pay it in 2 payments instead of one. So we'll have a story for 2 weeks out after we've been back to get the permanent fixture in my mouth. Until then, I'm not supposed to floss between the 2 teeth that touch the temporary onlay. Wish the dentist would make up his mind. First I hear "floss daily between every tooth". Now I'm hearing, "leave off on flossing those for 2 weeks". This could be a real thinking two weeks.  I also have to chew on what I consider to be the "wrong" side of my mouth for two weeks.

I'm sure I'll survive. Meantime, what's going on in your world?

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