Saturday, March 1, 2014

More Quilt Finishes

Yes, I did it!  I actually did what I set out to do. I got 9 little wall hanging quilts sandwiched in January and finished them by February 28th. I'm feeling pretty good about that and I'm going to share the quilts in their finished picture groups. All of these are Patch Ability patterns and 8 of them are from the 2013 series. The ninth is just one I really like. So, you've already seen the January, February, and March ones. So we progress onto April, May, and June.
These are from left to right -
April 2013, called April Showers.
May 2013, called Windy Day.
June 2013, called Bloomin' Butterfly.
All were made with various scraps from my "catch all/sewing room". They are small, 6"x22", so they don't take much to do. Some have buttons, some don't.

Next are June 2013 - Beach Balls
July 2013 - Watermelon Time
August 2013- Favorite Fall Decor

Yes, I know August is still part of summer, but I didn't give the pattern the name.

And the last three are as much fun as the first six were. Picking the fabrics for these was a challenge in some cases. Didn't want to use just any old combination.

Here we have October 2013 - Stack O' Jack-o-lanterns
November 2013 - Turkey Perch
and the 9th one is called Quilt Like Crazy and it will be hung in my sewing room.

My husband found me a license plate holder for my car that says "I'd rather be Quilting". It seems to fit. I enjoy quilting and you get to enjoy seeing what I've done.

Tomorrow I start quilting another one from my list of UFOs in the hopes of finishing at least one more more by the end of March. So far I've finished 10 since January 1st and I'm going to try and keep going. I have a bunch of tops that I need to find backing for and I have several that I have the backing and need to sandwich and then quilt. I've set a goal to finish more than I start this year and so far I'm sticking to it. But, we're only 2 months into the year, so that could change.