Thursday, November 24, 2011


Thanksgiving is a day for remembering all our blessings. Those that our forefathers gave us, those we have been blessed with since. We are a nation based on freedom of speech and religion. We can say, for the most part, whatever we wish, what our opinions are. We are able to chose our religion based on our own personal beliefs. We have all been blessed in some way. At my house, we are blessed to have each other and our families. We are blessed to both be in good health and have a steady job. We are blessed to have friends who are there for us no matter what the day may bring. I feel even more blessed that I can share my thoughts with my friends.

My wish for all is to have a very blessed life and a safe Thanksgiving with family and friends. May you know the peace and serenity of living free. This freedom that we enjoy is kept safe for us by the men and women of our Armed Services. May they all be safe as well and enjoy a peaceful day to count their blessings.

God Bless All!

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