Friday, November 11, 2011

Customer ideas

This past week we had a customer who came in to our business. He was rather philosophical while at our counter. He apologized for being a bit crusty & harsh. He then went on to inform us that if money can solve your problems, then you don't have problems.

We looked at him like he was crazy!  He shook his head and asked us if we had enough money would it solve our problems? We answered yes and he repeated "then you have no problems". Again we looked at him and his answer to that was "Can money fix cancer?". We all answered "NO!". He said "then you got no problems." and walked out the door leaving us somewhat stunned by his comments.

We thought about it after he left our building. We discussed our thoughts and decided, darned if he wasn't right. Money COULD solve what we had considered problems and we decided that what we had were actually just bumps in the road.

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