Sunday, December 28, 2014

Another Quilt Finish

I didn't think I could another one done in 2014 - but I did and here it is. You can ignore the clothes line  - it was the only place I could hang it to get a decent picture.
I bought this kit at a quilt show in either 2007 or 2008 as the selvage on the border fabric is dated 2007. I fell in love with it as the shop owner had it hanging in her booth. It drew me because of the vibrant colors of the dancers' dresses. I still love it! Don't have a clue where it will hang, but I'm sure to find a spot.

It started as a panel and the fabrics in between the bottom three was cut separately. The more I see it, the more I love it.

Having been to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, this has a place in my heart and my memories of having been there. New Orleans during Mardi Gras is a wild and crazy place. I don't know that I would go again at that time of year, but it was well worth experiencing.

Now I am sure that I won't finish another one this year, but I'm already planning on which one will be next in line to finish in 2015. My list of UFO's has been shortened this 2014 year by 6. I'm starting the 2015 year with 6 less than I started the 2014 year. My goal for 2015 is to do the same. Finish more than I start - it may or may not work. Will have to give it my best shot. Progress will be posted.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas is coming

And I'm not ready yet! I always say I'm going to do better, but here I am still frantically working at the last minute to get everything done. Maybe next year?

I do have a couple of pictures of quilts to show off. I finally finished the last of the 2013 Patch Ability monthly minis. It's called "Hang My Stocking" and I really like the way it came out.
 It has buttons for ornaments and the holly berries. The little wall hanging is 6"x24" and really shouldn't have taken me as long as it did. You've heard the saying, life gets in the way - well, that's exactly what happened with this little one. Between work and my Eastern Star duties, I was way too busy to work on quilt projects.

Now I still have work and I still attend Eastern Star meetings. However I don't have a lot of work to do with Eastern Star this year, so I will have more time to work on projects.

The other little quilt project I finished was one for my local quilt guild. It's a challenge quilt. We were invited to participate and for $1 we purchased the directions, rules if you will, and received two fabrics. One was a letter, the other a black and white print. The rules were simple. The quilt was to be 24"x24" - no bigger, no smaller. It had to include the letter and the black & white fabric.

This little wall hanging, #30, was my entry. I got the letter "O" and the black & white swirly fabric next to the building with the red door. For those of you without imaginations, the building with the red door is the "outhouse", the brown with porch is the cabin. The blue is a night sky with a couple of ghosts quilted in, along with a space ship. The story behind it is a trip I took to Alaska when my cousins children were quite young. We flew in by float plane to a Forest Service cabin for a 2 night stay. The outhouse was about 200 ft away from the cabin along a wooden walkway. The young children were scared at night to go down that walkway because there might be something out there to get them. While I didn't win a ribbon for entering, I felt better about my choice when I saw some of the others.

These are the last two finishes from UFO listing for the 2014 year. Hopefully, I will get more done next year and you will have some more quilts to look at in 2015.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Update on life

Okay, I admit I've not been very diligent at keeping my blog up to date. It happens when one has a busy lifestyle.

I'm now done with year as Deputy Grand Matron for my district in Eastern Star. I've signed on to be one of the star points for my local chapter and this means I should have more time to do the things I want to do.

Since my last posting in July, I've been on a quilt retreat with friends (August), been to a celebration with Eastern Star Friends in September, and been to Grand Chapter is October. November was full of installations and then we had Thanksgiving. now we're in December. No, I'm not done with my shopping nor am I even close. I'm very good at procrastinating!

I hope to get more of my quilting projects done this year. I finished one the end of November, but don't have a photo yet. My goal is to finish at least one more by the end of December and then I will post pictures of them.

We just recently upgraded our internet, so hopefully things will be quicker. Have to play for a while and see what happens.

Later, and if I don't get back before Christmas, please have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.