Saturday, November 19, 2016


I just realized how long it has been since I added to my blog. I really should be doing better. Let's see, I left off in July having gotten back from my trip to Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. Now I have to think about what I've done and where I've been.

August. Well, I didn't go very far that month. Went to Chester for the quilt show there, spent the weekend at our cabin. Then the following weekend was the quilt show in Paradise. Then a weekend at the cabin followed by a weekend visiting my mom and the quilt show in Laytonville. I had to work during the week, so not much else going on.

September brought a 3 day weekend at our cabin and then hunting season. We were not lucky enough to bring home meat for the freezer. Maybe next year. I took a 4 day weekend to drive to Sebastopol for the revelation of the 2017 Grand Offers for the Grand Chapter of California, Order of the Eastern Star. That was a fantastic experience and one I would do again. Parking was a bit of a challenge, but we made it.

October brought some cooler temperatures, but still a few too warm days for me as well. I went to Grand Chapter in Visalia and had a marvelous time meeting up with my friends. I've almost finished my block of the month from Red Bluff - the last month is November. Have to wait and see if I can make it then.

November brings installations of officers in the Eastern Star Chapters around the state. My goal this year was to attend 6. I only got to 5 of them. I was too tired to do the one I missed. I decided I didn't want to fall asleep while driving. I will not be doing much else this month. Thanksgiving is around the corner and I need to think about what we will do for that.

I did get to the last meeting for my Red Bluff block of the month. I got all 10 months patterns and fabric for the original $5 I plunked down to join. I need to make up the 10th month and then put the quilt top together as we have a meeting in March to show off our quilts or tops. Guess it will depend on how well I do in getting it together and finished.

Till next time.