Sunday, June 30, 2013

More quilt finishes

Yep! I'm please to share more quilt finishes. These next four are small, only 12" x 14", but they are DONE! I really like the little ones as they are supposed to be easy - I don't always get them done as quickly as they could be done because I'm easily sidetracked. Okay, here's the first one.
This is called "Toadly Spellbound" and is a pattern by Patch Ability. It's a fun little one and a play on words if you will. The poor toad is spellbound and ready to throw itself into the witch's cauldron. Silly toad!

The next one is another Patch Ability pattern and is called "Mama Bird". Not that the eggs have hatched yet. I like the way this one turned out. The colors and the black button for the eye just made it right for me.

Now on to the "Winter Sled Ride". It, too, is a Patch Ability Pattern. This one is from the 2012 BOM (Banner Of the Month) from the pattern company. They are such fun. This one was supposed to have the snowflakes "painted" on it, but I chose to use buttons that I had found instead. It is a cooling picture and while I'd love to have some of it right now, it won't happen. We're in a summer heat wave and outside it's already about 100 degrees.

My fourth Patch Ability is a pattern Called "Snowflake Catcher". Again, it looks cold which means nothing in the summer hear. Doesn't cool me off one little bit.

My final finish will have to wait until the next posting. I don't have a decent picture of it yet and I don't want to show it until I can get one. It's one that I will be putting in my quilt guild show in September. I'm thinking of maybe waiting to put in on the blog until then. Hope you enjoy these little ones. Till later, stay cool and have fun.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

To my dad - You may be gone from this earth, but you still live on in my heart. I remember the fun, the laughter, the trips, and even the times when you disciplined me for "mouthing off". They are all now good memories and I want you to know, I still miss you. I think of you, I talk to you. You don't physically answer me, but your training and rules that I grew up with do give me the answers I need to get by.

To all dads everywhere - may your day be blessed with love and laughter of your family. May you know the blessings of children.

To children everywhere - no matter your age. Remember the good times with your father and sent him blessings of the day.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Oddball things

Well, that laundry had to wait until today. We had a power outage yesterday which negated that chore. However, today it's all done. Course the power outage also created a new problem - the router for our household wireless internet died. Must have been the power surges of the on again off again on again off again on again. Course between the last off again and the on again was a time frame of almost 2 hours.

Have to say that really got the house very stuffy. No ceiling fans running to keep the air moving. Man, what a difference! The temperature outside did break the 100 degree mark here. Got up to 101 according to our outside thermometer. I can only hope it was a few degrees high, bur since it came close again today, maybe not.

I got my blocks for quilt guild done this morning. They were super simple and I get to keep the pattern in case I want to make more. Will have to see if I can win them all and get the directions for making the quilt top. Or maybe, since I'm a board member, I can get a copy anyway. Will have to ask!

I'm trying to stay cool, but it's hard when outside is so warm. I've got the ceiling fans going and I'm guzzling liquids - no, it's not all water. Have to have bit of variety - so part of it's tea.

Off to work on some stuff.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Already June

What the heck happened to May? Somehow I think I missed a good portion of it. Oh, well.

Since I last wrote, we've had a major plumbing problem - now fixed, thank you very much. The car "died" - actually it was a combination of the battery and the battery cable being way corroded. Also fixed now.

My girl friend's baby sister passed away from cancer induced pneumonia. Services are today. Not a happy day for her.

I finally got one of my older UFOs quilted and the binding on it waiting to be stitched down. Too warm today to turn the iron on to finish that step. Maybe tomorrow?

I have blocks to make for quilt guild. Sewing machine to clean and oil before quilt guild. I'm thinking I will be way busy today. Also have some laundry that needs to be done - I'm out of clean socks!

Well, I'm off to see what I can get done before the heat gets too bad. Yes, we are looking at the possibility of 100 today. I'm hoping it doesn't make it!