Sunday, November 20, 2011

Eastern Star Installations

Okay, we are now better than halfway through the installation season. I have been to 4 so far and will attend 2 more before the end of the month. It popped up in conversation that 30 years ago some of us thought nothing of going somewhere for either a meeting or an installation every day during the month of November. Thank heavens as we get older we tend to slow down and not try to do them all. In the State Association I belong to, there is no way I could attend all of them since there are sometime 2 at the same time due to a lack of weekend days and the length of time it takes to go the distance between chapters.

I myself have chosen to do only those in my district plus one outside. The one outside was in the mountains and was on a day when my district had nothing planned. So, that means I have 5 in my district. I have 3 of those done as of tonight and the other two are next weekend. The themes for each have been a little different. Some had carrying pieces, some did not. Some had a full corp of officers, some did not. Of the remaining two, I have yet to hear what the theme will be.

I wish I could attend more, but my time is limited and travel between some of the chapters is too great a distance. Makes me really wish for time travel and instant getting there similar to the way Scotty beamed them up in Star Trek. Maybe some day?

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