Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day

Today has been Christmas Day, all day long. It came without decorations, lights or presents. It came without all that fuss, without the hustle & bustle. And I think I like it this way. I had a very nice prime rib dinner with my husband and father-in-law, and 2 friends. I really thought about the reason for this whole holiday season. Yes, the Baby Jesus got gifts from the Wise Men. Perhaps they weren't the most useful to a child, but it was what they offered. In the song, "The Little Drummer Boy", the young boy has no gift, but offers to play his drum for the child, and then proceeds to do his best.

The Grinch thought that by stealing away the trees, the lights, the gifts, and the food that Christmas in Whoville wouldn't come. Yet his heart realized that when it came without all those things, that maybe, just maybe, he couldn't stop it. So maybe, just maybe, it's okay to celebrate without presents, trees, and lights. Maybe like the Grinch, I've developed a taste of I can do Christmas without all the fuss.

Don't get me wrong, I love the songs, the trees, the lights. I even enjoy getting a well thought out gift. But you know what, I didn't get a whole bunch of presents this year. I got only a couple small, well thought out gifts. That means more to me than presents just to make sure everyone on a list got one. So, maybe, just maybe, my heart, like the Grinch's, has grown over the years.

So, Merry Christmas to all and blessings upon you the whole year long.