Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve

Well, here we are again on the very edge of a New Year. Do we know what it will bring? Do we want to know what it will bring? Maybe, and, maybe.

I know I would like more quilting time, more family time and more travel. While I know I can make room for all of these things, the question is "Will I?". I certainly hope I will. I have UFOs to finish for my quilting time. I can always use more family time. And I still have 8 more US States to visit in order to say I've been in all 50. The trick will be to have the time and the money at the same time for those travel plans.

Now comes the hard part. Actually doing what I want to accomplish this next year. Wish me luck as I embark on a New Year, one that is for now, a clean slate for me to write on. After midnight, the slate will start to show some of the writing. Maybe I won't feel like I have to erase?

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