Friday, December 9, 2011

Decorating for Christmas

For the first time in a long time, we have chosen to put up Christmas lights outside our house. Not on the house, but on our lemon tree..

Yes, on our lemon tree. No, we don't live in Los Angeles. This is a warming effort to keep the lemons from freezing and then rotting before they are ready to be picked. Kind of a frost protector, beats the heck out of the old smudge pots that were used in the "olden" days. Besides, it's December and what better way to cheer up the lemon tree and all the critters that come out at night.

Kind of a quirky reason to put up lights, but hey, those old strings of lights that put out all that heat have found a new way of life.

The way that the picture was taken you can't really see the lemons on the tree. It's not as loaded as it was a few years back, but there are plenty for my co-workers who want them. Last year we lost all of the lemons because we didn't deal with the freezing temps quick enough. Will let you know about the end of December when we go to pick them if this new method worked.

Till then, Merry Christmas!

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