Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year

Okay! We've survived the New Year coming in - I was in bed asleep when it clicked over to 2015. My eyelids just couldn't stay up any longer. Besides, it's hard to party with just myself.

I've challenged myself this year on my UFO listing. I'm going to attempt to finish more than I start and make those that are not yet tops, into tops. Of course, this means I need to get busy. I am already into the second day of the  new year and haven't done a darn thing off that list.

I'm going to attempt to be better at entering paragraphs on my blog. Lands only knows last year I wasn't so good at that. Maybe we'll be looking at the weather, the work issues, my Eastern Star travels, my vacations (once they are over). Hard to say. This weekend I actually have a 4 day weekend, Jan. 1-4, to work on things. So, first comes the blog entry which you are reading. Then will come my lunch as I'm hungry. Then with luck, I can find a UFO that interests me enough to work on.

Off to lunch. I may or may not be back today. The sun is shining and I have things to do.

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