Saturday, January 10, 2015

Checking in

Hello!  I thought I'd check in and let you know what I'm working on. Last weekend I had a very lovely 4 day weekend and I got some stuff done. I finished 2 quilt tops and the smaller of the two now has backing fabric and batting with it and will be sandwiched at some point this month. The other quilt top is one that I started in 2010 when a friend & I took a class at Cloth Carousel in Winters. I have the backing fabric for it, but I need to piece it before I worry about cutting the batting. I got started on another top doing the sashing on it. That one got the rest of the sashing done today. Now I'm going to audition border fabric before it is a true quilt top.

The weather last weekend was way too cold for me to work in the yard. Today, however, was in the 50-55 degree bracket and it felt good to be outside working for a bit of the afternoon. The majority of the leaves in the front yard are now in the yard waste bin waiting to be picked up on Monday. Bad news is that now the front yard looks like it needs mowing and weeding. Oh, well, maybe another day since it's now dark outside.

Had a rough week at work this past one and I'm hoping that this coming one will be better. Hope so - don't know that I want to tackle two bad weeks one right after the other. I'm keeping my mental fingers crossed since I can't work with them physically crossed.

Off to work on some more of my UFO projects and maybe see if I can find some border fabric for the one I just finished the sashing. Or maybe I'll work on another UFO. I have enough that I can pick and choose right now. Or maybe I'll find a good book and read for a while. Later!

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