Sunday, January 25, 2015

UFO Progress

I'm making progress this month on my UFO list - for those who don't know, UFO is UnFinished Objects. I have managed to get a total of 3 tops finished - one of those is sandwiched and ready to quilt - and the other 2 are awaiting backing fabric. Although one of them does have it already, I just haven't pieced it. I have 2 more tops that are awaiting border auditions. Yes, you read that right. I have to "test" fabrics for the border. What might make sense color wise, doesn't always match. Just because I thought it might, doesn't mean it will. I took two tops to my small quilt group on Thursday and got some opinions. One of which I threw right out because it doesn't work for me on that quilt. The one that worked is now a completed top and waiting for me to decide on backing fabric.
I put together another UFO set of blocks this afternoon and while I have enough fabric left to do border(s) on it, they just don't do anything for the quilt or for me. I'm going to try something different with it and see if it works. It may also be going out on auditions.
I've set up a luncheon date with a friend for this coming Saturday. She used to work with me, but she retired in November and I'm anxious to see her again. We are going to have a nice lunch and then go visit the quilt store and see if we can find a border for a quilt or two.

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