Sunday, June 2, 2013

Oddball things

Well, that laundry had to wait until today. We had a power outage yesterday which negated that chore. However, today it's all done. Course the power outage also created a new problem - the router for our household wireless internet died. Must have been the power surges of the on again off again on again off again on again. Course between the last off again and the on again was a time frame of almost 2 hours.

Have to say that really got the house very stuffy. No ceiling fans running to keep the air moving. Man, what a difference! The temperature outside did break the 100 degree mark here. Got up to 101 according to our outside thermometer. I can only hope it was a few degrees high, bur since it came close again today, maybe not.

I got my blocks for quilt guild done this morning. They were super simple and I get to keep the pattern in case I want to make more. Will have to see if I can win them all and get the directions for making the quilt top. Or maybe, since I'm a board member, I can get a copy anyway. Will have to ask!

I'm trying to stay cool, but it's hard when outside is so warm. I've got the ceiling fans going and I'm guzzling liquids - no, it's not all water. Have to have bit of variety - so part of it's tea.

Off to work on some stuff.

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