Saturday, March 3, 2012

More quilts done

Yes, I'm getting more of my UFO listing done. For the second month in a row, I have finished 3 of them. While I'm not winning any prizes for this, I am feeling like I'm getting things done.

This one is called "Birds out My Window" and is one that has been hanging around since 2007 when I started it in Grass Valley at Pine Tree Quilt Guild Show. I'm really glad to get it done as it was one of my older UFOs. It was a free little lesson in how to do the black grill work. I forget what it's called, but since the lesson and the fabric to make the top were free, my friend and I signed up. Haven't seen anything like that at their show since.

This second one is called "Yellow Rose of Texas" and was a free pattern on the Whimsys web page. I have a small group that I get together with once a year to work on our projects. We usually attempt to try one new quilting method per year and try to get at least one project out of our stash either started or done. I worked on this project, but didn't quite get it done. I started a Halloween quilt that I've been collecting fabrics for and got the top mostly made. Still have a couple things left to do on it before I can sandwich it. When it's done, I'll post a picture of it here.

This little quilt is a Patch Ability pattern called "Park It, Wanda". I bought it as a kit, something I rarely do, and finally got it finished. It's small, 6" x 18", but I really love it. Course, I really like the pattern company which is a good thing since I probably own about 45-50 of their patterns.

I'm working on getting more of my quilts done so you will see more of them as I finish. I signed up to complete 18 for this UFO Challenge in 2012. I intend to finish them all plus maybe a few more. Our guild as a whole has 34 people signed up to finish 665 quilts. I certainly hope we can make a big dent in that number.

Till next time - have a good day and enjoy!

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