Saturday, February 25, 2012

Vacation's over

Yep, my vacation is over and I have some more marvelous memories to store in my head and my heart. There were 4 of us for a trip to the coast where we stayed at a bed & breakfast, walked on the beach, took pictures, tried new food & drink, and had a blast. Of course, it will be hard for some to believe, but we 4 women are related by the dearest of ties. My mom and myself, my Aunt & my cousin. There is a large number of years between us all, but when we get together, there is no difference.

We laugh, we talk, we play, we rest. We try different things and sometimes we even watch while part do something we wouldn't all do. For example, my cousin & aunt went horseback riding on the beach. I can no longer participate in this, but I can certainly wander down on the beach to take pictures, as is seen here.

While I was talking pictures, Mom stayed in the car as she can no longer hike in the sand. She did join me for a little while on the paved walkway above the beach area.

We enjoyed our time on the coast and will most likely try it again another time. We've traveled together before and will most likely do it again. Hopefully, the next time my sister will be able to join us.

I worked on some of my quilts while on vacation and have now completed another 3 from my UFO list, but that will be another entry.

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