Monday, October 31, 2011


Halloween is a time for the children in our neighborhood to get dressed up as their favorite character and then go from door to door to collect candy. A parent or two to walk them around, maybe an older sibling. With luck, they get home and the parents will make sure that all the candy they've collected is doled out in small amounts over the next few weeks. That way their dentist won't have much to do.

We had some trick or treat little persons come to our door. But the most surprising visitor was a kitten who managed to come into the house. Cute little tyke, but where both of us have allergies, it's not a good pet for either of us. So, the kitten was put back outside in the hopes it would find its way home.

I leave you with a picture that my friend and I took when we went to a bed & breakfast for a weekend. It happened to be in October near Halloween and the yards and the trees were decorated. Enjoy! Some how, I think she had a small mishap.

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