Sunday, November 4, 2012

Another Season

Okay, most people say there are 4 seasons in the year - winter, spring, fall & summer. Well for those of us in Eastern Star, there is a 5th season. It's called Installation Season and it starts with a roar on Nov. 1st. Most are held on weekends, some are on the Chapter's regular meeting night. Just depends on the Chapter's by-laws.

As a Past Matron of my chapter, I have been invited on more than occasion to participate in someone else's installation. So for me, the season starts today. While I could have done a couple earlier, I have other things I like to do. One Saturday this month, I have 3 to attend. This year it actually goes into the first weekend of December.

So my calendar is busy, my husband is lonely. I tend to forget to write to people. I frequently forget what day of the week it is. My laundry gets behind. Meals are often the same from installation to installation. By the end of the month, I'm more than ready for that long winter's nap mentioned in a story book rhyme.

And so begins a month of fun & sometime confusion. I enjoy it to the max and am super glad when it's over. This year, I will be installed again as a Worthy Matron of my chapter. Rumors flying indicate that the world as we know it will end in December 2012  - or is it the calendar that we know that will end? I guess we'll all find out when New Year's 2013 gets here.

Stay safe on your trails and enjoy the ride!

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