Monday, October 29, 2012

World Series Winning Giants

Okay, I admit it!  I'm a 3rd generation Giants fan. My grandfather, then my mother, now me. While SF Giants started off in New York where grandpa was born and my mother as well, grandpa's faith in his team never wavered. It only changed from the East Coast to the West Coast. My mom was raised listening to the games on radio long before there was a TV in the house. As a child, I'd watch with grandpa and when his eyes closed, I thought he was asleep. Grandma would try to change the channel and he'd be right quick to say "what are you doing, I'm only resting my eyes" to which her answer was "In that case, what's the score?". And he could tell her the score, the inning and how many outs.

Yes, I'm a die hard 3rd generation Giants fan and proud of it. I'll be one til my dying day whether they win or lose. It's a family tradition. My siblings are the same way. So we will cheer really loud when they are down just as we cheer loudly when they win. It was a pleasure to be able to see them win the playoffs. It was amazing to see them win the World Series when the soothsayers and odds takers all said the Detroit Tigers would win. No one could hit off their star pitcher. Well, some one forgot to tell the Giants as they did manage to hit off the Tigers star pitcher.

Now I will admit it would have been sweeter to have them win at home, but, hey, I'll take a win anyway they can get it. Have to feel sorry for the folks in Detroit though. They bought tickets, I understand the games were a sell out, and sat in the cold rain to watch their team lose. My Giants showed they could play in that weather and win. Guess San Francisco fog and rain is good for something after all.

Well, till next year, they get to rest for a long winter's nap. GO GIANTS!

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