Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I've finally done it!  I won something off of a post I made on someone's blog. It's not much, it's a magazine, but it's one I was going to have to buy. Now I can use the Barnes & Noble gift card for something else that strikes my fancy.

What's new in your life? Any new quilts, read any new books, gone fishing, bought a car? None of those mentioned? Well, I've been working on quilts, I've read several books and I'm waiting to go fishing the end of this month. We'll open up our cabin and go throw a line into the creek just to say we went fishing. Have to love having that lifetime fishing license!

Well, I'm off to work on a couple of projects and then I'm going to watch "The Voice" to see who gets to stay and who goes home.

Take care and drop me a line once in a while.

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