Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekend in the Mountains

Well, it was a very interesting weekend in the mountains. We opened up our cabin this weekend and I have to say, the weather was not what I was expecting. We had hail on the road about an inch thick and slick as can be. Driving my father-in-law's van fully loaded was not the best choice on a mountain road. However, we made it just fine. We had several hail showers before we got the cabin open, but all of that was on Saturday. Sunday was a beautiful day and I got a bit done on my counted cross stitch.

Saturday, in between getting the cabin open and having dinner, I worked on the prep work for a hand full of small quilts. I now have to pick the fabrics and then do fusible applique. That will give me some handwork to do at lunchtime at work and when traveling with friends when it is NOT my turn to drive. Sunday I spent most of my day relaxing working on a counted cross stitch picture that is down to the last page and a half (out of twelve pages). I will someday finish this one. I've only been working on it, off and on, since 2008.

Monday, today, we drove home. Much nicer drive home than up to the cabin. We had to deal with the normal holiday traffic and I stopped a few times to allow drivers who wanted to go faster than me to go around. Still made it down the mountainside in good time.

Today is a celebration of remembrance for those who served our country in war times. Not just the ones who died, but also the ones who still serve. To them I say a very big THANK YOU!. Your service is appreciated. Happy Memorial Day to all.

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