Saturday, February 4, 2012

Traffic Woes!

Traffic usually gets crazy around Christmas Time. This year the crazy was this past week. Monday I was "stuck" in traffic on the freeway for half an hour. I should have been 10 minutes early to work and instead was 20 minutes late. Thank heaven for a cell phone that works! I was able to call in to let my co-workers know where I was. I thought once I got to work "okay, now things will settle down". Boy was I wrong on that count!

I went to pick up my mail at the Post office after work. The 10 minute parking spaces were full, so I parked in the lot. Went in, got my mail, came back out, got in car. Simple, right? Not so! A gal knocked on my car window to get my attention. Not knowing her, I rolled down the window enough to hear what she had to say. Seems while I was in getting my mail, one of the vehicles in the lot had backed into my car giving it a new dent. Well, it had to be a new dent, there wasn't one there before!

Suffice to say, I am now dealing with that vehicle's insurance to try and get my car "back to new" or as I like to say, undented. Will have to schedule the repair job with my favorite shop and then wait while they do their magic.

So at this point, I'm thinking, okay, no more accidents on the freeway for a while. Now that was a wrong thought! Sure enough, on Thursday, it happened again. Only this time I was in a position I could get into the right hand lane and exit the freeway and go through town. I got to work with one minute to spare. I had to share the drive through town with all those other people who did the same thing.

I'm hoping that this will be it for a while. I hate seeing munched up cars on my way to work. I always feel bad for the people it happened to, yet, glad at the same time it wasn't me! I think the car insurance people are busy enough now. Let's give them a break and drive more defensively. Slow down and leave room between cars so we all have stopping room. In other words, don't ride my bumper.

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