Saturday, June 13, 2015

Hot June

Yep, the month of June is starting off way too hot for me. I don't like it above 90 and already we've hit the 100+ several times. I try picturing myself in a nice cool place, but still it doesn't work. My air conditioner is working, but not as efficiently as I would like. I'm lucky if it keeps the house 15-20 degrees cooler than outside. Thank heavens I have a small window air conditioner in the bedroom that I use when I sleep at night.

Since my last post, I've done a lot of things. I went on a quilt shop hop in April with a friend. I stayed within my budget. Boy was I happy about that. We saw some gorgeous fabrics and some fantastic quilts. I picked up a few books and patterns, but very little fabric. Everything came home in the same tote bag as the binder that collected the free patterns from each shop.

In May, I went to visit my Mom for Mother's Day. We had a fantastic time. We went out for dinner and we talked about all kinds of different subjects. Going to have to do it again - we had so much fun. I also took a workshop through my local quilt guild. I think I have a picture of that quilt. Not the best of pictures, but it will give you an idea.
It is currently sandwiched and awaiting quilting. I hope to get started on that soon. However, I have a couple of other projects that need to be done first. I have a couple of place mats to make up for my quilt guild and the president's block. I have made 8 of the place mats for our community service committee and plan to make at least 4 more. They are simple and I can whip one up in an afternoon. I even haven a couple of those pictures which I'll include in this posting.
These are fun little place mats to make and while the colors are not ones I would choose, they do make for fun little projects. I would love to make a matched set but I have to figure out that would work. Maybe I'll just have to try it some day. Would have to pull my fabric scraps and see what I get. So here are are couple more for you to look at.

 This one has a bit more pizazz, I think, than the previous one. I'd like to make a few more like it, but the kits come from our community service and they don't always have any two alike.

This one seems to be red. It stands out like the colorful one, yet the blue one above has good points too. I have some scraps here at home that may very well end up in this pattern.

I'm off to find a cool spot under the air conditioner. Will write more later.

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