Sunday, June 14, 2015

Flag Day

Today was Flag Day.  A day to recognize our Flag. A symbol of our country. Long may she wave. She stands for our freedom, our country, our countrymen and countrywomen who serve to protect our country. Did your flag fly high and proud today? Did you even think about what that flag means? Or did you just put her up because you thought you should?
My flag stands for freedom and for my country. She waves proudly. She's a gracious old lady and deserves our respect. When I see her go by, I put my hand over my heart in salute to her. She never touches the ground. She comes down at sunset because I have no light to shine on her at night. She never gets rained on because she'd not an all weather flag. She's treated respectfully and with grace and honor. When she gets ragged, I treat her with care and make sure she flies no more. My flag, my country. And I'm proud to say I'm an American.

Are you?

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