Saturday, October 5, 2013

Judged quilt at show

Okay, I've finally done it. I had one of my quilts judged at a quilt show. I thought I wouldn't get anything and I was way wrong. I actually got an Honorable Mention. Not bad for a first try out of the bucket. This quilt is one that I made as a "mystery" - I knew what colors of fabric I wanted, but the pattern was a mystery until it was put together. Now I'm going to have to improve my quilt making. The judge thought more of the quilting than my piecing. But that's okay. I knew it needed some help. I was told by my friends that I should enter it. I guess they knew better than me.

I'm not ready to share the pictures of the ribbon, but I will share pictures of the quilt top before it was quilted.
This will give you an idea of the pattern. It is a king size quilt and I love the colors in it. The starting instructions were to buy 3 fabrics - a light, a medium, and a dark. The quilt shop where I bought the fabric and got the pattern parts from, thought I was crazy and that the fabrics did not go together. Personally, I figured that was a matter of opinion and used them anyway.

Once I took it back to the shop, the owner was of a different opinion. Some of the others were just as pretty, but I can't show them as I don't have permission from their owners. While mine was one of 6-8 that were king size, some made lap size and others made table runners.
I hope to share some of my other quilts before long, but since this was a work in progress form 2005, it might be a while before you see another big one. The shop it came out of is long closed. The finished quilt has the dark purple for the binding.

Off to work on some project or maybe read for a bit.

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