Sunday, September 16, 2012

Deer Season

Good day to you all!  Our deer season has started off very good to us in our group. We have hanging in our pump house 3, yes I said 3, deer. The guys were all lucky enough to "bag" their legal buck this year. Mine is still up on the hill somewhere and I will try to "bag" my own before the season is over in two weeks.

It was nice weather and just cool enough that the deer were up and moving. The first one, a nice 3x3 buck, was taken Saturday morning. The second one, a nice 2x2, was taken Saturday evening. The third one, a 3x2, was taken Sunday morning. I am happy to report that this will put meat into three freezers. I can hardly wait to try my hand at making our freezer have more meat.

One night this next week we will have liver & onions to celebrate. Then later in the week, there will be a butchering party to get it all wrapped for the freezer it will be going to. Maybe by the time I get a chance to try my luck, they'll be ready to do more butchering.

Oh, well. Such is the life of a hunter.

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