Monday, June 18, 2012

More UFO's finished

Yes, I have finished two more of my UFO's from quilt guild.

This Magical Frosty snowman is the January 2011 Patch Ability mini monthly and I finally have him done. He's a right jolly snowman and I though he looked very magical. Not "Frosty the Snowman" but most likely a very close relative.

My second finish is at the other end of the calendar and is from November 2011. Wish I could say that I'm staying caught up with this year's set. But, you guessed it, I'm behind on it as well. I only have one more after this November 2011 to finish off the 2011 year. Maybe next year I'll get it done? Anyway, let's show you the November 2011 Pumpkin Patch.

I wish I had more to show, but this will have to do for tonight. I have a couple more projects in the works, but nothing else is ready for the "show & tell" time I have going here.

May you all have air conditioning when it gets hot, heat when it gets cold. Right now I'm leaning toward the air conditioning as the temps in my neighborhood have been a whole lot warmer than what I like. Take care and check in once in a while.

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