Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Missing Friend

Well, it's finally happened to me. I am now the person worrying about someone I know who has gone "missing". She's not returning phone calls, not from any of her co-workers or friends, her Facebook page has not had any activity since she went to take care of her folks. Those who have her brother's and sister's Facebook addresses have gotten no response.

I now find myself praying daily for her to contact someone, anyone, to tell us all that she's okay. I have left her a message on her cell phone. I left a message on her Facebook page. I'm going to send a note to her address and see if maybe she answers that way. It just is NOT her to ignore all of us.

What can I do? Not a whole lot. I know roughly where her parents house is, but I don't know the name of the street so I'm not sure I could find it again having only been there once. I know roughly where her house is, but one of our co-workers has already gone by there and no car.

So I find myself wondering - did we do something wrong? Does she not like us any more? OR did the unthinkable happen and she has no way to let us know where she is. Did she lose the cell phone and the new IPad thing her dad bought her? I pray she's okay and I pray that she will somehow see either this message or answer the phone and get back to me.

If she just doesn't want to come back to work, hey, that's okay. I'm good with that, I just want to know she's okay.

If you're reading this, please, please, call me at work. Leave me a message after work if you don't want to talk.

Love you girlfriend!

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