Saturday, April 23, 2016

March Finishes

I finished a couple of quilts in March, but couldn't show them until now as they were wedding gifts to my cousin and her new husband. They have seen the quilts and are thrilled with them. Now I can show them to you.
 The one on the left with the horses is for my cousin Leia. She owns a miniature horse and a mustang. She's been around horses all her life and loves them. The backing on her quilt is another horse print that reminds one of Christmas. And she is thrilled with this as the backing is fabric that she loves. This will be a well used lap quilt.

The second quilt is a winery print quilt for her husband who works for a winery. I wasn't sure what to make his quilt with, but I have it on good authority he is pleased with it. His has the green that's the border on the front as the backing. Both quilts were given to them with lots of love and with washing instructions. They have been washed once, but we all know that fabrics can run when we least expect them to.

The good feeling that came from watching them open the package with the two quilts was
well work the work that went into them. The expressions on their faces when the opened them said it all. The amazement on their faces was priceless when they realized that the package contained not one, but two, lap quilts.

I feel like I made points for being a good cousin in coming up with something they would like. Not meeting her husband to be before the wedding, I had no idea what he might like. I just took a leap of faith when planning the second quilt.

I can now go back to my list of UFO projects and get some more done. They can be shown once I get them finished as so far they are not on a "surprise gift" list.

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