Sunday, February 17, 2013

Beauthful day

Okay, the weather is gorgeous outside here - warm enough to be pleasant and a breeze to keep it that way. We, my husband & I, picked the oranges off their tree and then picked the lemons off their tree. We didn't lose too many of either due to the frost we had last month.

I took advantage of the weather outside today to sandwich 6 of my small quilts. Don't like the smell of the spray baste inside the house and neither does hubby. These little ones have been patiently waiting for either a nice day or my small quilt group to meet. Since we cancelled our small group for this month, I just had to take advantage of the beautiful weather. The breeze made it a bit of a challenge to work but I persevered and triumphed! Feels great!

I worked yesterday on a couple of more small projects, getting them ready for handwork. I'm bound and determined to get things done and when I'm in the mood to work on them is the time to make sure I work on them. People say I can do that any old time - well, nope - have to be in the mood. This weekend has been and still is a mood - means I will get more done yet today.

Have to get one more load of laundry done before too long. Might do that before dinner, depends on how I feel - but it will get done today.

I'm off to do more work on projects. Hope to have some pictures before long.

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